Excellence in Water Reuse Award (PNCWA Award)

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The purpose of the program is to recognize recycled water programs that have demonstrated outstanding performance in moving the concept of water reuse forward in the Pacific Northwest region. The focus of the Awards is to recognize outstanding programs, which have demonstrated production and use of recycled water meeting or exceeding state treatment quality requirements.

Competitive nominations will have implemented internal application projects or have partnered with others to implement successful application of the recycled water. The Award program is designed to recognize one reuse program each in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

In addition to the individual state Awards, each Award recipient will be considered for receipt of the PNCWA Reuse Program of the Year Award. The production facility and all application partners will also be recognized.
Depending on the number of competitive nominations, the committee may choose to recognize both a large a small program in one or more states. The committee encourages small programs to apply.
The water reuse awards program is open to all programs and facilities that produce recycled water, including recycled water projects without public access irrigation. Wastewater treatment plants that use recycled water within the plant site will also be eligible to apply.
Purveyors or entities that participated in developing infrastructure to supply recycled water to end users (such as residents or parks) are also eligible. For utilities having multiple wastewater facilities, a separate application may be submitted for each facility if they are not served by an interconnected recycled water distribution system, or they may choose to submit a combined application for the program.

Previous winning Programs will not be eligible for an Award for 5 years following their prior award.
Criteria to be used for selecting the successful Program/Partners will include (with recognition that not all types of reuse customers will meet all of these criteria):
1. Facility performance and compliance with permit requirements
2. Efforts and successes of public outreach and education regarding the value and safety of recycled water
3. Demonstrated proactive programs to develop and market recycled water
4. Activities aimed at advancing the technology of water reuse (research, etc.)
5. Effective support of recycled water customers
6. Finance mechanisms – finance through loans or users pay vs. funded by grants. Innovative financing approach
7. Successful recycled water program with good documentation.

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Please note:

Applicants are encouraged to create their own narrative document following the suggested outline of information below.

The following is just a suggestion for possible submittals in support of the criteria stated for the Excellence in Water Reuse Award. It is understood that not all projects will have all the documentation listed below.

In addition to the type of information requested below, applicants may provide separate and supportive documentation (e.g. operating performance, facility plan and protocol, example of public education flyer, research, community and public education tools, flyer, press release, financing, customer satisfaction or survey results, application volumes, etc) in support of the application.

 If the information cannot be reasonable included in the narrative, supporting documents should either be mailed with the application or attached and submitted electronically (preferred) by email, to [email protected]

Suggested List of Submittals:

The following is just a suggestion for possible submittals in support to the criteria stated for Reuse Program/Facility of the Year. It is understood that not all projects will have all the documentation listed below.

  1. Percentage of actual wastewater flow being recycled - please provide the treatment plant capacity, recycled water production capacity, treatment plant flow and recycled water flow for the previous twelve months
  2. Innovative uses of recycled water - summarize recycled water end uses
  3. Description of benefits derived from water conservation/water resource management - include an evaluation of potable water demand reduction and any receiving water benefits such as reduction in surface water discharge
  4. Recycled water rate schedule (i.e. volume based or flat rate)
  5. Cross-connection control and inspection program effectiveness - provide a complete description of the actual operation of the cross-connection control program including inspection frequency


  1. Level of treatment and permit compliance - provide a summary of the previous twelve months of permit compliance information including any exceedances of recycled water quality criteria
  2. Recycled Water Operating Protocol documentation
  3. 3. Considerations for control of pathogens
  4. Treatment facility reliability, including wet weather/backup and supplemental supply consideration


Description of the nominee's accomplishments in public education and information in support of their recycled water program


  1. Community and public education tools
  2. New customer education programs
  3. Ongoing notification program for existing customer


  1. Participation in research projects, conference papers
  2. Development of Sources for financing the recycled water program
  3. Documentation in support to efforts to expand the recycled water program
  4. Vision future and implementation plan

Past Recipients              

2011 Carnation Treatment Facility,King County

                 City of Walla Walla (CH2M HILL)

                 LOTT Clean Water Alliance, Water Reuse Facility of the Year Awar

2009 City of Meridian, ID

2008 City of Sequim, WA    

2006 King County WA West Point Plant         

2006 OR Clean Water Services (Durham Plant) and City of Tigard

        ID Hidden Springs Sewer Company and Glanbia Foods, Inc.

2005 LOTT Alliance and LOTT Partners