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PNCWA2023 Message from Conference Chair

To My Fellow Water Professionals: 

On behalf of the PNCWA2023 Conference Committee, I am thrilled to gather with you all this fall as the PNCWA annual conference returns to Puget Sound. Tacoma and the Greater Tacoma Convention Center will host our four-day celebration of clean water this September. This year’s conference focuses on “Catalyzing a Sound Future for Water.” We hope that your time in Tacoma exposes you to innovative approaches to solving problems, expands your connections with other clean water professionals, and inspires you to tackle the pressing water challenges facing our communities. 

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PNCWA2023 Conference Update

Submit Your Abstracts by March 8 for PNCWA2023!


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PNCWA2022 By the Numbers


What a fantastic turnout at PNCWA 2022! We exceeded our attendance and sponsorship goals, brought back the Ops Challenge, toured treatment plants, learned about some of the latest technologies and innovations, and networked with water experts, all along the shores of the beautiful Spokane River. We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors, exhibitors, presenters, conference planners, and attendees for making the conference an overwhelming success!

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A New Way to Visit the Exhibit Hall


Exhibit Hall tours are a great way to learn about solution providers featured at the conference this year. The tours will place during the Exhibit Hall breaks on Tuesday morning (9:30 to 10:15 a.m.) and afternoon (2:45 to 3:30 p.m.). Check the technical program at the conference for the final schedule, meeting location, and CEU eligibility. A preliminary list of vendors is provided on our website, and the Emerging Technologies Committee extends our gratitude to all the exhibitors who showed interest in participating. See the list of participating companies below.

Preliminary Exhibit Hall Tours

Tour Category Technology Manufacturer
Pumping Systems ABS Contrablock Plus Sulzer
  Barnes Envie3 Chopper Pump Barnes
  Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal and Prerostal Hidrostal
  Hydromatic Grinder pumps Hydromatic
  Pump Monitoring Tools Fluke

Collection Systems CIPM (cured-in-place manhole)
fiberglass/PVC liners
CIP Construction Technologies
  SL-RAT: Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool InfoSense
  Triton+ Flow Monitor and ECHO level monitor ADS Environmental
  Magnesium Hydroxide (ALKA-Mag+) IER
  Sherwin-Williams Linings/Coatings Sherwin-Williams

StormSensor StormSensor
   stormBLOX™ SiC Rapid Storm Treatment
   ADS Triton+ Flow Monitor and ADS ECHO
level monitor
ADS Environmental
   KSB KRT and Amarex product line KSB
   Storm King Hydro International

Treatment     Duron UV Technology Wedeco/Xylem
  Packaged Treatment Systems AWC Solutions
  GritCleanse™ fluidized bed grit washer Hydro International
  ABS HST Turbocompressor Technology Sulzer
  Blue Wale Micro Bar Screen Or-Tec

Omnivore High Solids Digestion Anaergia
  Electro-osmosis dewatering ELODE
  Biosolids Treatment Technologies Ovivo
  Fournier Rotary Press Fournier
  Prestressed Concrete Modified Egg
DN Tanks

Ozzy Cup™ Screen Ovivo
  Cloud SCADA Platform XiO
  Bioforcetech Bioforcetech
  Anaergia PyroSys Anaergia

PNCWA2022 Registration Now Open

Register Now

Register Now!

If it’s been awhile since you’ve stopped by our annual conference site, make sure you do soon! Thanks to our Planning Committee and volunteers, we have several updates to share.

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PNCWA2022 Conference Update


Things are heating up in our conference planning committee corner, and we’re excited to share some updates with you.

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Conference Committee Update

Conference Spokane

On behalf of the PNCWA board and the conference planning committee, we want to thank everyone who submitted an abstract for PNCWA 2022. We received over 200 submissions -- setting the stage for a robust technical program!

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PNCWA2021 Donations


The PNCWA 2021 Conference undoubtedly made several changes in how we chose to meet. One of the most notable ways the conference evolved was by reallocating the money spent on attendee swag, which often has a high carbon footprint. Instead, we asked attendees to select one of these worthy causes to give the money to:

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Message from the 2022 Conference Chairs


A Message from Vicky Hollingsworth, PNCWA 2022 Conference Chair

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PNCWA2022 Call for Committee Collaborators

Join us as a key member of the 2022 conference committee to continue shaping the future of our annual conference.

conference pictures

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2021 Opening General Session Recap

What an absolute treat it was to host Dr. Dan Prinzing and Tai Simpson at our Opening Session. These eloquent speakers spoke to us about the changes we must make to create the future we want to see.

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PNCWA2021 Conference Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who attended and engaged in PNCWA 2021! The annual conference has a way of filling people with hope for the future of our industry and reinvigorating passion for the work we do and the communities we serve. This year was no different. Nearly 400 of you joined us in person in Boise for more than 150 technical presentations. Over 200 of you were involved virtually this year, and for a whopping 167 of you, this was the first time you had attended the conference.

None of this would have been possible without the dedicated support of our sponsors, vendors, and planning teams. Thank you all for making PNCWA 2021 such a success!

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PNCWA2021 Conference Update - May

Arrowleaf Balsamroot

Spring has sprung in Boise, Idaho and, with it, growing excitement for PNCWA’s Annual Conference.

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Summit Series Wrap-Up

The PNCWA Summit Series went out with a bang! Over the course of the six summits, PNCWA has delivered on its mission to provide professional development opportunities to its members, while raising much-needed funds. Most importantly, we have continued to stay connected through these challenging and uncertain times.
Summit Series

We have so many people to thank for the success of the Summit Series. We want to start by thanking our sponsors and you, the members of PNCWA, for your trust and support this year.

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Meet Your PNCWA 2021 Conference Chairs

The PNCWA Board is working full steam ahead on PNCWA 2021. Because we don’t know what the conference will look like — in-person, virtual, or hybrid — we are sending out a survey to learn what you’d like to see and how we can make an in-person or virtual event work for you. We also want to hear from our vendors and manufacturers: what has been your experience, what is your expectation, and how can we provide continued value to you in these times.

We look forward to launching our 2021 call for abstracts next month, but in the meantime we will let the PNCWA 2021 Conference Chairs introduce themselves.

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PNCWA Summit Series: In Their Own Words

From the PNCWA 2020 Conference Chairs

If this were a normal year, instead of penning a letter to our membership, we’d be in Spokane kicking off PNCWA 2020. But, this is definitely not a normal year. As soon as last year’s conference ended, we were full speed ahead planning for this year’s event in Spokane. It soon became more and more apparent that the annual conference we all know and love wouldn’t be possible this year. Like all of our other plans for 2020, after much consideration and deliberation, we finally made the tough call to cancel. Eliminating risk to the health, safety, and well-being of our membership stood at the center of that decision.

So, now what? 

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PNCWA Summit Series

While we may not be able to hold our conference this year, PNCWA still cares about our mission to provide education for our members. We are planning a series of five summits over the next five months to bring our members a line up of incredible speakers and virtual education events. The series kicks off at the annual business meeting on September 15th. More details to come!

The PNCWA Summit Series begins on September 30th on the topic of Communication. The speaker lineup includes water educators and communicators who will teach us about building public trust in our communities, creating effective messaging, as well as sharing case studies of engagement. Attend the first-ever PNCWA Summit and learn from amazing communicators in our region and across the country. To find more information about the topics, registration, or sponsorship opportunities visit the summit page

A Message From the 2020 PNCWA Conference Chair

Greetings Pacific Northwest Clean Water Professionals!

Now more than ever, it’s clear that our collective work to protect and preserve public health through clean water is essential, and I want to take a moment to thank each of you for your commitment, especially the operators and field crews.

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A Message From the 2020 PNCWA Technical Chair

Wow. What a wild year we’ve experienced already and we’re not even to summer yet.  So far 2020 has made us strive for flexibility as we adapt to a new normal at home and work.  For many, those places have merged to become one location.  We’ve seen unprecedented rates of unemployment too, as the impact of social distancing restrictions rippled throughout our communities.  This is truly an unprecedented time.  Never has it been more important to be there for each other.  We all need a support system, and the PNCWA community is one of those support systems. We are stronger when we are together (maintaining an appropriate physical distance, of course). 

As of May 1st, the 2020 PNCWA Annual Conference is still scheduled to take place in Spokane, WA this September. Ultimately, this year’s conference may look a little different from the previous years.  We are weighing options and maintaining flexibility as we take into consideration the evolving information incoming during this dynamic period. Ensuring the safety of our membership is our primary concern.  The most up to date information related to the Annual Conference can be found on the conference website.

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PNCWA 2019: In Their Own Words, PNCWA Board Member, Tony Benavidez

It’s that time of year again — the time when we start planning next year’s conference. But Tony, you say, PNCWA 2019 was just a few weeks ago? It can be hard to keep up the excitement after such an incredible time together, networking with so many dedicated water professionals. Post-conference feels like the time of year we tend to put the cruise control on and coast to the end of the year. Here are some things that I learned through the connections I made at conference and also some of my plans for the coming year to stay motivated. I might even help you keep the energy all the way to PNCWA 2020 in Spokane.

This year’s conference for me was amazing. I saw so many new faces and spoke with a number of both first-time attendees and long-time attendees. There were several commonalities amongst our conversations. First, we are a passionate group of people. We love water and the environment, and we're doing all that we can to improve water quality for as many people as we can reach. Our reach extends far beyond the Pacific Northwest, and we are very proud of that. Second, we have the desire to be a part of something. It might be something local and important to specific communities, or it might be something big. I mean really big—like cleaning up Puget Sound big! The third takeaway was how much talent and knowledge we have. We all bring something to the table that is of value. We have brilliant design engineers, accomplished PhDs, inspired city officials, skilled operators, and many others. 

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