Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment, Control and Optimization for the Operations Professional – 2.8 CEUs

Yes, WasteWater Technology Trainers’ principal instructor Eric Wahlberg has a Ph.D. and a P.E., but he also worked as a certified treatment plant operator in Colorado and Wyoming, and his heart and soul are in operations. Eric’s energy in front of a classroom is inspiring and highly motivational. His training material springs from the fact that what he had to know for certification exams was very different, even contrary, to what he had to know for his Ph.D. in environmental system engineering. His quests in life: (1) to dispel the myths by clarifying and simplifying the obscure and confusing information that is currently passed onto operators as knowledge, and (2) to distill the science of wastewater treatment into a framework from which systematic, consistent process-control strategies can be developed and continuously refined to improve and stabilize WWTP performance. If you see yourself as an operations professional and not a plant attendant, this class is for you; if you are tired of old school ideas, worn out rules of thumb, and a that’s-the-way-we’ve-always- done-it mentality, this class is for you.