Member Spotlight: Brittany Burch

Brittany Burch

The Member Services Committee is excited to promote our amazing volunteers in our newest section of the monthly digest. If you know someone we should feature in the “Member Spotlight,” send an email to committee chair Brittany Park. For our next spotlight, we would like to introduce you to Brittany Burch. Take it away, Brittany.

Where did you go to school?
I grew up on the East Coast in the DC-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) area, and went to the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.

Where are you employed, and what is your role?
I am employed by Isle Utilities, a small-but-scrappy group that specializes in collaboration, technology adoption, and innovation. I am Head of TAG + Programs for U.S. business.

What was your first introduction to PNCWA?
In 2015, I moved from Washington D.C. to Washington state, where I didn’t really know anyone. Through my work at WEF, I was familiar with Member Associations and knew what a great resource they could be. I reached out to Mike Rainey and asked him how I should get involved, and he encouraged me to join a committee. At WEF, I managed a few membership programs, so the Member Services Committee sounded like a great choice! It was. PNCWA is the most welcoming group I have ever been a part of.

What is your current volunteer role within PNCWA?
Now that my role as 2020 Conference Chair (which eventually transitioned into Summit Series support) has ended, I participate in a few committees: Member Services, Racial & Social Justice, and InFLOW.

What is something that you love about your job?
The utility representatives who participate in our Technology Approval Group (TAG) program are very passionate thought-leaders, so I am fortunate to work with them! A close second is being a part of just a really great team.

What’s an example of how 2020/COVID changed what you do?
It didn’t change how I do things, but it changed what I do... Our business model has not changed much, but we are more careful with how we spend our time. For instance, hours that may have been spent traveling are now used to show our customers additional care and support.

What’s one of your goals for 2021?
Three words came to me around the new year: clarity, strength, and adventure. They have been unfolding in ways that I could not have imagined!

Do you have any pets?
Yes, Stella is a very opinionated 14-year-old French Bulldog who I have had the pleasure of knowing for half of her life.

Do you have any off-the-beaten-path recommendations for visitors to your city?
The oldest independent black-owned bookstore is in Oakland — Marcus Books! If you're up for a steep climb with a panoramic payoff, the Stonewall-Panoramic Trail is gorgeous and near the historic Claremont Club.

What is a hobby or favorite activity?
Last weekend, I sat and watched sea lions play for two hours.

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