Meet the 2020/2021 InFLOW Participants

When the organization decided to cancel the annual conference this year, the InFLOW subcommittee decided to pivot and offer a year-long option for 2020 participants, including a multi-day InFLOW virtual workshop in 2021. Each month, we’ll highlight our participants, and they’ll share why they are excited about this year’s program. Read about Erin Lamb here.

Erin LambErin Lamb
Student at Portland State University
Civil Engineering, May 2022

Why are you excited to participate in the InFLOW Program?
I'm excited to meet other water professionals and students, develop my role in the water sector, and work with others to build effective, equitable, sustainable water infrastructure.

Why are you interested in the water industry?
Water is fundamental to life and is extremely interesting to work with. Effective water infrastructure provides the foundation for productive and just society, while preserving the environment we are embedded in. The work is highly engaging and offers endless opportunity for further learning and development.

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