President’s Message April 2023

WATER WEEK 2023 | APRIL 23-29

Water Week 2023 is our national focus to advance key water policy priorities such as sustained growth in federal infrastructure investment, addressing water affordability, supporting water research & development, and making our critical infrastructure more resilient. This year the “Fly-In” event during Water Week 2023 is co-hosted by WEF, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, the Water Research Foundation, and the WateReuse Association.

PNCWA has long held its mission to protect and enhance our water resources and disseminate information to both the public and policymakers. In 2012, under the leadership of President Mark Poling, PNCWA realized the importance of having a voice in local and national clean water issues and formed the Government Affairs Committee (GAC). The following year, our first annual attendees participated in the Water Week “Fly-In” to ensure that PNCWA kept current when developing legislation and also help educate State and U.S. Congressional policymakers on clean water issues.

Our PNCWA Government Affairs Committee will send representatives from Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to Washington D.C. on April 25-26, 2023, for the “Fly-In” to network and hear from key senior EPA and other government officials, meet with local and national legislators and listen to prominent members of Congress give Water Week 2023 remarks. We are grateful to the handful of volunteers representing PNCWA at this event and look forward to hearing back from them in a future article.

Lara Kammereck

PNCWA President

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