Quarter Century Operators’ Club

The Quarter Century Operators’ Club is a group made up of WEF members who have been engaged in wastewater treatment plant operation for at least 25 years. The Quarter Century Operator Club recognizes operators of wastewater treatment facilities for their service and dedication in a difficult and dangerous profession. The Club was created under the sponsorship of Frank Woodbury Jones, who served as the Clubs' first registrar.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Member of WEF for a minimum of five consecutive years immediately preceding application.
  • Significant, full-time participant in the water environment profession for a minimum of 25 years,
  • 10 years of which must have been in active participation in the day-to-day collections, maintenance, operations, laboratory, or management of a wastewater transportation or treatment facility.
Completed and signed application Applications are made directly to WEF. Deadline: Received by WEF July 1st. For more information see the WEF website, http://www.wef.org/membership/awards-recognition/quarter-century-operator-club/

PNCWA Members of the Quarter Century Operators Club

Owen Boe
J.R. Burns
G.P. Calkins
Daniel Clark
Bruce Clouser
Pat J. Coxon
James R. Croft
Jeffrey Day
Gerald Dennis
Richard Finger
Michael Gavin
Al Gregory
Ed Griffenberg
William A. Haapala
Robert E. Hall
William Harlan
Ronald W. Hathorn
John Herrick
Jack H. Irvin
Thomas F. Johnson
Charles L.R. Johnstone
John M. Keady
Marvin L. Kennedy
L.W. Ketcham
Gary F. Krahmer
Don Lange
Stanton A. LeSieur
Albert Mannthey
M.B. Mathews
C.E. Mattingly
Richard T. Miller
Ron Moeller
Michael Myers
Gale T. Olrich
Clarence L. Ortman
Thomas M. Penpraze
Paul Proctor
J. Michael Read
Shawn Redmond
Reynold D. Richwine
Dave Robben
Gilbert L. Sanchez
John Shawcroft
Rod Smith
R.F. Sparling
Ralph E. Stephenson
Randy Schwartz
Dale K. Thayer
B. Michael Webb
Patrick Wiltzius
Charles S. Zickefoose
Thomas Ruther