Sustainability Committee 

The PNCWA Sustainability Committee supports the professional development of clean water utility administrators, regulators, designers, contractors, inspectors, operators, and maintenance personnel by:

  • Promoting the conservation and generation of energy and reduction of greenhouse gases in providing clean water;
  • Promoting the conservation of the natural world and reducing the resources used to provide clean water;
  • Working to understand and address the impacts of climate change on member utilities;
  • Promoting clean water for all people’s quality of life in the Pacific Northwest;
  • Promoting the recognition and preservation of the cultural resources of all people.

We meet on a quarterly basis to conduct committee business.

Get Involved

As the utility administrators, regulators, designers, contractors, operators, and maintenance personnel, our members discuss a wide variety of topics on sustainability practices in the clean water service field, including greenhouse gas reduction, energy conservation, climate change, resource conservation, and recovery, law and regulations. We also collaborate with other committees to organize webinars and workshops, develop publications, and facilitate technical tracks at the annual conference to help raise awareness of sustainability activities among PNCWA members. The purpose of the content we produce is to increase members' awareness of and participation in the development of laws and regulations related to sustainability. Find the sustainability-related news and events here plus webinars we've collaborated on here. Join today!

Contact Info

Miaomiao Zhang
[email protected]