Adopt-a-School Program

The Adopt-A-School program was established to support water science education, involvement, and restoration activities by 4th-12th grade students in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho who are working toward clean water education goals. The average project funding level is $500 per application/applicant and will vary depending on the number of applicants and funding level requests. Who should apply? Teachers, Schools, School Districts!

Evaluation Criteria

  • Curriculum/project is for 4th – 12th grade students during the 2021 calendar year.
  • Curriculum/project is science-based and includes wastewater and/or stormwater education elements.
  • Curriculum/project must include a wastewater treatment facility tour and/or a presentation from a local wastewater/stormwater agency.
  • PNCWA will provide contact information for your local wastewater/stormwater agency if unknown.

Download the Adopt-A-School Grant Application here.

Deadline: January 14, 2022

For submission and questions, please contact Ely O'Connor, [email protected] 503.681.4463


The Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association (PNCWA) is an association of water environment professionals who support student education and career-building efforts in the stormwater and wastewater fields. Our rivers and wetlands are healthier than they’ve been in generations, but more work is needed to protect our watersheds and community livability. The Adopt-A-School program was established to support water science education, involvement and restoration activities by 4th-12th grade students in Oregon, Washington and Idaho who are working toward clean water education goals.


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PNCWA Adopt-a-School Program in action:

Check out the full annual report here

This program provided water education programming for 747 students in seven schools across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Here are just a few examples of the program at work.

Trent Elementary in Spokane Valley, WA: Teachers conducted a water resource center field trip where students learned how dams generate electricity. They also played a pollution game.

Hawthorne Elementary in Boise, ID: They used the funding for two field trips, the first by bus to a local ski area and the second trip was a tour of the Boise Watershed.

Clackamas Web Academy: The Academy already had the ambition to reach out to agencies like ODFW and NW Steelheaders to learn more about salmon and dams. PNCWA program funding helped them secure fishing permits and bring volunteers to the classroom.

Walterville Elementary in Springfield, OR: Visited a local wastewater treatment plant that energized the students to help clean up the local creek a few hours a week. They also planted trees on the banks for a more complete restoration project.

Westview High School in Beaverton, OR: These students purchased water sampling equipment and were able to conduct an experiment on their local creek to determine if the water quality was healthy or not and what steps they could take to remedy the situation. 

Funding is made possible through a grant from the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association.