Operations Challenge Committee

The Operations Challenge Committee promotes WEFTEC’s Operations Challenge.

We continue to build on the Operations Challenge held at the Annual Conference to improve the spectator experience, reduce event costs, build relationships with vendors, increase marketing of the OC brand, and work with WEF to gain more support at the local level.

Join the WEFTEC Operations Challenge

How do operators and technicians overcome flooding, a sewer collapse, process failure and other emergencies? Do you ever wonder what transpires behind the scenes during the operation of a wastewater treatment facility? Instead of continuing to take these unsung specialists for granted, come see some of the best wastewater collection and treatment personnel in the world display their skills at Operations Challenge.

Each team is sponsored by a WEF Member Association or recognized Operator Association. Winners are determined by a weighted point system for five events (collection systems, laboratory, process control, maintenance and safety), each designed to test the diverse skills required for the operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities, their collection systems and laboratories. Learn more here.

Learn more about Ops Challenge at the PNCWA  Annual Conference!


Contact Info

Chris Miccolis, Co-Chair
Bend, OR

Roy Bradley, Co-Chair
City of Bend

Kevin Wegener, Ops Challenge Judging Sub-Committee Chair
Clean Water Services