PNCWA Committees Resources

Resources gathered here include a range from governing documents, budget documents, through operational tools for Committees and more. Committee leaders and members—If you can suggest other resources that ought to be gathered here, please do!

PNCWA Constitution and Bylaws (2009) 

PNCWA Policies and Procedures (approved 06-16-2017)

Committee Guidelines, excerpted from Policies and Procedures

Strategic Plan Worksheets & Priorities

PNCWA Budget 2018

PNCWA Board current Work Plan

Volunteer Leader Contact list

Committee Communications Liaisons

Committee Chair Orientation (beta version, 4-4-16)

Committee Reporting Short Form

PNCWA Volunteer Responsibilities (Whenever participating in a committee or other volunteer activity, members are acting as representatives of PNCWA and have certain legal responsibilities!)

Committee Self Evaluation Tool (More ideas available at ►

Committee Leadership matrix  (WEF example)

Roberts Rules of Order (basic motions)

PNCWA YouTube Channel (webinars, video presentations)

Webinars: General User FAQs

PNCWA Board Committee Liaison assignments

PNCWA Board Committee Liaison assignments
Awards – Adam MyClymont
Collections Systems – Vicki Sironen
Communication and Outreach - Bill Christy
Construction - David Keil
Emerging Technology – Jeff Brown
Government Affairs – Jim Baird
Leadership Development – Steven Drangsholt
Manufacturers and Representatives – Court Harris
Member Services – Shawn Moffitt 
Odor and Air Quality – Court Harris
Operations Challenge – Jeff Brown
Plant O&M – Bill Christy
Residuals & Biosolids – Shawn Moffitt
Resource Recovery – David Keil
Scholarship – Jim Baird
Stormwater – John Phillips
Students & Young Professionals – Steven Drangsholt & Ellie Key
Sustainability – John Phillips
Utility Management - Kevin Dour
Water For People – Kevin Dour
5S – Bud Ruther