Burke Award (WEF–PNCWA Award)

This award recognizes a municipal or industrial wastewater facility for establishing and maintaining an active and effective safety program.

The award was established in 1981 in honor of George W. Burke, Jr. for his many years of service to both the water environment field and WEF as a staff manager of technical services. Mr. Burke was instrumental in developing WEF's annual safety survey and assisting in the production of several safety training aids and promotional packets. 

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Documented and illustrated safety program and safety record of the facility for the preceding calendar year
  • At least one employee of the facility must be a WEF member 
  • Documented injury/fatality rates for the preceding calendar year
  • The facility shall have a designated safety official or contact
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PNCWA recipients of the Burke Award

2023 Spokane County, WA (Jacobs)
2022 City of Vancouver, WA (Jacobs)
2021 Eugene/Springfield (MWMC), OR
2020 City of The Dalles, OR (Jacobs)
2019 City of Lebanon, OR (Jacobs)
2018 Roseburg Urban Sanitary Authority, OR (Jacobs)
2017 City of Walla Walla WWTP (CH2M)
2016 CH2M Dallas Wastewater Treatment Facility, Dallas, OR
2015 Oak Lodge Sanitary District, Oak Grove, OR
2014 City of Vancouver, WA (Veolia)
2013 Chambers Creek, Pierce County, WA
2011 City of Gresham, OR (Veolia Water)
2010 City of Twin Falls, ID (CH2M HILL OMI)
2009 City of Hansen, ID (OMI)
2008 City of Aberdeen, WA
2007 Clean Water Services, Hillsboro, OR
2006 City of Meridian, ID
2005 City of Caldwell, ID (Veolia Water)
2004 City of Hansen, ID (OMI)
2003 City of Aberdeen, WA
2002 EarthTech, Quincy WA
2001 US Filter Operating Services
2000 City of Gresham, Oregon—OMI
1999 City of McMinnville, Oregon
1997 Salmon Creek Treatment Plant, Vancouver WA