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Outgoing WEF Delegate Steven Drangsholt reflects on his time as a PNCWA Board of Directors Member.

When I joined the PNCWA Board in October 2013, I could never have imagined the journey that it would take me on. This experience has been one of the most incredible of my entire life. I am so grateful for each and every moment and experience I have had along the way. I have friendships all around the country now, thanks to being on the Board. These are people who have cared for me, helped me to grow, and shared countless memories with me. I wouldn’t trade the sacrifices, late nights, or difficult conversations for anything.

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OR Collections Operator of the Year featured in MSW Magazine


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Swim for Water—Really!

Member Services Co-Chair Brittany Burch—Open Water Swim Raises Money for Clean Water in Haiti.

In poorer countries, the need for clean water is very much at the forefront of their daily survival, especially if their natural disasters rap sheet looks like this! It's hard to imagine a water-borne disease killing 3,000 people anywhere today, but that happened just 7 years ago in Haiti.

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Oregon Operator of the Year Featured in TPO Magazine

Cliff Church, who holds Grade II Wastewater Operator and Grade I Water Operator licenses, received the 2016 Oregon Wastewater Operator of the Year Award from the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association. The award announcement calls Church “an operator who exhibits a commitment to learn safe and efficient plant operations. … He is willing to understand the operations of each plant and has shown a mechanical ability by repairing, maintaining and trouble- shooting equipment.”

Church, a reclaim water technician, was nominated by Andrew Albee, former Myrtle Creek Public Works director and now superintendent of the clean-water plant in Roseburg. “Right from the start,” he says, “Cliff struck me as a real square guy who cared, was really interested in his work, and didn’t treat wastewater as a just a job.” Continue

October Photo of the Month: Poofighters at WEFTEC

We’ve loved getting your photos for the annual PNCWA Calendar. In fact, we liked them so much that we wanted to share them more often and with a wider audience. That’s why we started the “PNCWA Photo of the Month.” Our second photo of the month comes courtesy of Brittany Burch, who snapped this pic at WEFTEC in Chicago. 
"Poofighters at WECTEC"
This year at WEFTEC, King County Seattle's Wastewater Treatment Division's Operations Challenge team—a.k.a. the Poofighters—competed in five intense operational challenges. But the Ops Challenge isn't just a place to compete, it's also a place to learn from operators around the country. 
Darek Kenaston of the Poofighters said, “This isn’t a job—it’s a career. It’s a passion. I saw that among my coworkers too. They say that if you find a job you truly love, you’ll never work again." Read more about the Poofighters at WEFTEC here
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Introducing.... the PNCWA Photo of the Month!

We’ve loved getting your photos for the annual PNCWA Calendar. In fact, we liked them so much that we wanted to share them more often and with a wider audience. That’s why we’re starting the “PNCWA Photo of the Month”! Our very first photo of the month comes to us from Walla Walla, Washington: 
"Manhole Diving for Walla Walla”


Here's the story behind the September PNCWA Photo of the Month:

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