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In 2019, the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association (PNCWA) launched a program called InFLOW (Introducing Future Leaders to Opportunities in Water): an initiative that strives to identify promising students and young professionals from underrepresented minority groups who are interested in careers in the water industry. PNCWA is continuing in its mission to change the face of the water industry and help build a more diverse and inclusive world.


The program consists of a five-part workshop series followed by sponsored attendance of the PNCWA 2023 annual conference taking place in Tacoma, Washington, September 10-13, 2023. The five workshops focus on information related to the water/wastewater industry, networking, skills development, employment opportunities, and conference preparation with presentations from a variety of water professionals.

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Here's what past InFLOW participants have to say about the program.

“Attending PNCWA as a part of the InFLOW cohort was such a rewarding experience. The conference opened my eyes to new and exciting opportunities, expanded my network to the greater PNW area, and reaffirmed my interests in pursuing a career in the water industry. I hope to always be a part of PNCWA and do my part in giving back to future InFLOW cohorts.” - Geneva Schlepp

“I loved how friendly and welcoming the PNCWA community was toward our InFLOW group. Post-conference I'm feeling very encouraged in my choice to pursue a career in water and happy to be included by my fellow water industry members. As we look toward a more diverse and equitable future in our industry however, I pose the question of not just how do you get people involved and excited, but how to you retain them and make them feel welcome in the long term.” - Madison Whitlow-Hewett

“I loved being present at PNCWA for the very first time! The people and workshops were great. I think the main thing I kept thinking about at the conference is how, probably, in a few years' time, I'll be a seasoned water professional talking to the inFLOW class about my experience.” - Edgar Sanchez Fausto

For questions, please contact Mary Martin at [email protected] or Asa Reyes-Chavez at [email protected].

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