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I am passionate about assuring a healthy environment for future generations. I want my children’s children to enjoy Larsen Lake in Bellevue, Washington, on the Lake Hills Greenbelt Trail, as much as I have for the past 25 years with my own family.

Why do YOU work in water?

PNCWA is interviewing members to remember our roots, our passion, and why we do the hard work we take on.

Clean water is a vital resource that sustains life on Earth and the significance of its conservation and accessibility cannot be overstated. People choose to work in the Water Industry for various reasons driven by personal fulfillment, societal impact, career opportunities, and a chance to provide a critical service to their community. Our members actively promote clean water. Here are a few reasons that I have heard from our members:

Environmental stewardship- Many PNCWA members are drawn to water organizations due to their commitment to environmental stewardship. These organizations prioritize sustainable practices, resource conservation, and pollution prevention. By prioritizing clean water today, we can create a better world for generations, providing them with the water resources they need to thrive and ensure a sustainable future.

Clean Water- Our members working for and supporting our public utilities play a crucial role in ensuring the delivery of clean water to our community and the watersheds in which we live and work. A strong motivating factor is an opportunity to contribute to public health, environmental protection, and to the well-being of their own community.

Water Innovation- As the world changes, so does our technology. Many PNCWA members enjoy working to develop innovative technologies that enhance water quality, optimize operations, and improve efficiency. They enjoy creating solutions to mitigate the challenges ahead with climate change, increased development, and increased regulations.

In summary, our PNCWA water professionals find significant meaning and pride in their work. They understand the importance of providing an essential service. Their efforts contribute to public health, environmental sustainability, and increased quality of life for their community.

Thank you all for your WATER service to provide and promote a healthy water environment for future generations.

So, why do YOU work in water?

Lara Kammereck, PE, PMP

PNCWA President

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