Stormwater Learning Hour

March Learning Hour 

Wednesday, March 22, 12 pm Pacific/1 pm Mountain 

Craig Fairbaugh from Contech will present on column testing bioretention media mixes with synthetic stormwater made of inorganic and organic sediment and hydrocarbons to better represent urban stormwater than inorganic sediment alone. Results suggested that the mass capacity and long-term performance of bioretention media would be reduced by an order of magnitude with the addition of organic sediment and hydrocarbons. He will discuss the testing, results, and implications for understanding stormwater control measure performance and maintenance demands.

April Learning Hour 

Wednesday, April 26, 12 pm Pacific/1 pm Mountain 

Robin Kirschbaum with RKI will present on how to design projects with successful long-term maintenance in mindThe Washington State Department of Ecology requires all projects across the State to plan for and perform appropriate preventive maintenance and performance checks at regular intervals to ensure that stormwater facilities are adequately maintained and properly operated. However, the majority of project planning and implementation effort is often focused on the initial design and construction of the facilities, with less attention to optimizing the life cycle cost and feasibility of maintaining the facilities over the long term.  

This presentation will review several case studies for projects in western Washington with a wide range of contributing drainage area sizes and site contexts, including ultra-urban, residential, and rural/commercial. Each case study includes specific examples of how designs evolved based on available monitoring data and feedback from maintenance crews and community members. Lessons learned regarding how to design for successful long-term maintenance and operation are discussed.

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