Swim for Water—Really!

Member Services Co-Chair Brittany Burch—Open Water Swim Raises Money for Clean Water in Haiti.

In poorer countries, the need for clean water is very much at the forefront of their daily survival, especially if their natural disasters rap sheet looks like this! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_natural_disasters_in_Haiti. It's hard to imagine a water-borne disease killing 3,000 people anywhere today, but that happened just 7 years ago in Haiti.

On January 28, Brittany will be participate in a an open-water swim in Haiti, to help raise money for a program that delivers clean water to schools. You can learn more and support her effort at https://fundraise.wateringminds.org/fundraiser/1219023.

Learn more at https://twitter.com/BBurchWater

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