PNCWA Committees and Board Midyear Meeting

PNCWA is in its third year of hosting a midyear meeting for Committee Chairs and Board members to come together. The Midyear Meeting primarily provides an opportunity for key volunteer committees to meet face-to-face with PNCWA Board members for a general check-in, to review where Committees are on Committee initiatives proposed by them in their 2016 budgets, and and to discuss future programming and initiatives under the ► PNCWA Strategic Plan.

As a membership organization, PNCWA understands the value of member engagement and using the collective knowledge of an entire profession to further its mission of improving water quality around the world. PNCWA members who participate in PNCWA committee activities help develop conference programs, develop training materials and program content, and many other PNCWA program activities. PNCWA Membership is required for committee participation. ► Click here to apply to join a PNCWA Committee.

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