Upcoming Webinar on Integrating Odor Control in the PNCWA Community

The PNCWA Odor & Air Quality committee is presenting a two-hour webinar on May 3rd, 2017 on several topics. The webinar is no-cost to PNCWA members. Scroll down for a complete webinar schedule. Click here to register for the webinar today! .2 CEU's requested. 

The webinar will cover three areas:

1. Addressing Odor Nuisance Without Creating a Noise Nuisance

Odor control systems must address many challenges—including odor removal performance, limited footprint, nearby residents, strict building regulations, aesthetics, and reliability. One oft-overlooked challenge is the noise generated by these systems, which can  be overlooked until construction, when stringent noise ordinances are enforced or residents complain. Using case studies of existing projects, this presentation will identify noise emitting sources from odor control systems, present acoustical considerations for planning and design, and address testing and performance language to be included in Contract Documents This presentation will benefit agencies and operators dealing with odor control systems in highly visible and constrained areas.

Presenters: Grizelda Sarria (Tetra Tech) and Adam Jenkins (The Greenbusch Group, Inc)

2. Odor Control and Aesthetics

This presentation will focus on how odor control treatment systems can be integrated within facilities to provide a visual look and impact that suits the surrounding community.  A variety of case studies will be reviewed that demonstrate methods to meet the treatment goals and blend the process into a situation that requires a unique visual look.  Multiple treatment systems and components will be reviewed, including biofilters, scrubbers, fan systems and ductwork. The case studies will demonstrate the full range of integrated design potential, including completely hidden/buried approaches, integrated designs that blend the functional components with architectural components, and open designs that take full advantage of the unique aspects of odor control equipment to create a unique look for a facility.  Each case study is a distinct approach that was necessary to meet the needs of both the utility and the surrounding public.

Presenter: Jeff Zahller, chair of PNCWA Odor & Air Quality Committee

3. Odor Control Technologies Used by PNCWA Members

The PNCWA Odor and Air Quality Committee assembled a questionnaire that was sent to PNCWA members in 2015. The questionnaire specifically asked utility users what odor and corrosion systems they employ in their wastewater treatment facilities versus their collection systems.

This presentation will discuss and present the tabulated results of the survey and include basic descriptions of odor control technologies used by PNCWA members.

Presenter: David Kopchynski 

To add the webinar to your schedule, visit the PNCWA calendar.

Here is a full schedule of the webinar: 

09:00 - 09:04     General introductions Richard Finger

09:04 - 09:06     Introduction of Presenter #1 – Grizelda Sarria and Adam Jenkins

09:06 - 09:38     Addressing Odor Nuisance Without Creating a Noise Nuisance

09:38 - 09:42     Q&A for Presentation #1

09:42 - 09:44     Intro of Presenter #2 – Jeff Zahller

09:44 - 10:16     Odor Control and Aesthetics

10:16 - 10:20     Q&A for Presentation #2

10:20 - 10:22     Intro of Presenter #3 – David Kopchynski

10:22 - 10:54     Odor Control Technologies Used by PNCWA Members

10:54 - 10:58     Q&A for Presentation #3 

10:58 - 11:02     General Q&A and summary

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