Sustainability and Biosolids Committee Webinar on Bioenergy and Co-Digestion

Bioenergy and Co-Digestion Webinar - Climate Change Regulation Provides Opportunities for WRRFs

Recently, there have been changes to regulations in America with an overarching goal to combat global climate change by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the decomposition of organic waste in landfills. Organic waste includes not only food waste, green waste, wood and paper, organic textiles, and manure, but also sludge, digestates, and biosolids originating from water reclamation and recovery facilities (WRRFs). 

Utility managers and operational staff from WRRFs in the Pacific Northwest are now faced with similar challenges as such regulations and practices are adopted in our region. The Portland Metro area has recently adopted a practice of diverting organics from landfills. 

The Sustainability and Biosolids Committee is hosting a webinar on April 25th from 1-3 pm about bioenergy and co-digestion. This webinar will benefit utilities and wastewater practitioners by providing guidance and lessons learned on how to plan for and capitalize on these future regulations while enhancing resource recovery and reuse at their WRRFs. And, more importantly, by helping wastewater professionals understand and develop a cost-benefit model specific to their WRRF while meeting their jurisdiction’s goals and needs. The attendees can expect to learn more about the following topics. 

  • Overview and trends of organic diversion regulations. 

  • Impacts and opportunities for utilities. 

  • Planning for accepting source-separated organics. 

  • Trends and barriers to recovering energy and resources from SSOs. 

  • Cost/Benefit model and case studies.

The webinar is free to members of PNCWA and $10 for non-members. CEUs are actively being pursued for this webinar.

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