Highlighting Past PNCWA Scholarship Recipients

Daniel Isenberger was a 2018 PNCWA Scholarship Recipient while attending a Multi-Disciplinary 2-Year Water Quality Program at Umpqua Community College. During his attendance, he was able to work for a variety of Clean Water Utilities in the Southern Oregon Region through various Cooperative Work Experiences and be an active Member of PNCWA.

After graduation with an Associate’s Program in Water Quality, he returned to Eastern Oregon for seasonal ranch work before transferring to a Colorado-based College that offered an Undergrad in Water Management Technology. 

During his time in Colorado, he gained further skills and experience through being able to work with Metro Water Recovery and Denver Water. After obtaining his Undergrad in Water Management in the Spring of 2021 he returned to Eastern Oregon where he was able to help his local community by providing Pro Bono Consulting and Maintenance services.  During this time, he returned to seasonal ranch work before deciding to apply for another Clean Water role working with the National Science Foundation on a Research Station in Antarctica in late 2021. After Deployment in Spring of 2022, he wintered over for 6 and a half months operating a Wastewater Plant at the bottom of the world.

 After completing this assignment, he returned to Oregon for a few months before heading to the tropics on an assignment in the Atlantic-Caribbean Ocean where he currently resides working in Drinking Water Operations for the US Government,

Watch Daniel's WEFTEC Live Interview

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