Introducing Future Leaders to Opportunities in Water

The InFLOW Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Member Services Committee. This subcommittee supports program activities as well as the InFLOW cohort participants. InFLOW (Introducing Future Leaders to Opportunities in Water) is a PNCWA initiative that strives to identify promising students and young professionals from underrepresented groups who are interested in careers in the water industry. The program engages underrepresented groups in the form of a sponsorship to attend the PNCWA Annual Conference. Participants receive full conference registration and a stipend. 

Get Involved

By joining this committee, you get to provide opportunities and advice to students and young professionals who are new to the industry or may not have even considered this industry. We are committed to expanding and growing our membership and by joining the InFLOW committee you will be able to meet the next generation of our workforce and share your knowledge to help provide a seamless transition into the workplace for our Future Leaders. Check out our latest news and events or join today!

Contact Info

Mary Martin, Chair
City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services
[email protected]