Nutrients Summit

Nutrients Summit - Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Led by Rick Kelly, P.E., PhD, Brown and Caldwell

Excess human sources of nutrients can upset our natural environment.  Addressing nutrient pollution is one of America's most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems. Learn proactive steps ahead of regulatory conditions that can take mitigate uncertainty and avoid higher compliance costs in the future. This summit is worth .3 CEUs and 3 PDHs.

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8:30 PDT Introduction Rick Kelly
8:45 Operator Insights on Maintaining and Recovering Biological Phosphorus Removal Brent Deyo
9:20 Data-Driven, Long-Range Forecasting of Biological Phospohrus Removal (BPR) Stability Dr. Keaton Lesnik
9:55 The Day I took Control of My Struvite Problem, or the Benefits of a Whole Plant Nutrient Balance  Adam Klein
10:25 Networking Break  
10:40 Integrated Planning at the Intersection of Nutrients, Toxics, Unregulated Compounds, and Climate Change Dave Clark/Haley Falconer
11:15 Technologies for Nutrient Removal in Small or Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Plants Dr. Raj Chavan
11:50 Sidestream and Mainstream Deammonification for Innovative Nitrogen Removal Dr. Li Lei
12:20 Networking