Odor and Air Quality Committee

The Odor and Air Quality Committee (OAQC) develops, recommends, supports, and conducts programs to promote the overall understanding of odor control and air quality issues as well as the control of corrosion issues at treatment plants and in the collection system.

We have developed and sponsored workshops at the Annual Conference, presented webinars focused on odor and air quality, and conducted surveys to gather data on odor control technologies used by PNCWA members. 

We hold regular monthly calls and an in-person meeting each year at the Annual Conference.

Get Involved

Joining the Odor and Air Quality committee allows you to gain exposure to other peers interested in providing odor control, air quality research, engineering in the wastewater field. By growing the committee, we expand our network of professional that provide the content for webinars and conference workshops. This is integral to the professional development of the PNCWA membership. Join today! 

Contact Info

David KopchynskiChair
WaterWorks Engineers
[email protected]

Vice Chair - Open